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You. Can. Sit. Here.

You. Can. Sit. Here.

The last four words ever spoken to the boy who was killed in the Columbine library seconds before the gun was turned on me.

These words were nearly the last four words I would ever speak. I didn’t know what I was doing; just trying to be nice, I guess.

We should use these four words more often. I didn’t notice anything about this boy when I spoke to him…his religion, political preferences, grades, hobbies, family; only that he seemed to need a place to land in the room that day. I don’t share this with any idea that I did something grand. It was very unlike me to speak up at all. I’m glad I did.

23 years later, I’m thankful for the opportunity to give him kindness before hatred stole his life.

Can you give these words to someone you wouldn’t normally notice today? I like to believe you will both be blessed by the offering…whether the person accepts the seat or not…a seed of kindness will have been planted, and you never know if those could be the only kind words entering that person’s ears that day.

Please share to help start a trend of kindness❤️

What if?

We are capable of so much more than we think possible.

The number one reason we ‘can’t’ do some of the things we want to do is because we are so afraid of failing that we refuse to TRY.

So, it is more of a WON’T than a CAN’T.

This idea goes right in hand with the saying ‘never say never’.

In working with teenagers recently, I have found that many are so afraid of failing. But, I’m looking at them, thinking to myself, “The only failure is not trying; deciding you can’t before you make an attempt.” When we stop expecting perfection is when we can give ourselves the freedom to step into situations that make us uncomfortable.

We limit our own potential, and our experiences of life, when we refuse to: try new things, talk to new people, learn a new skill, take up a new sport, push beyond what someone else told us we could/could not do, accept a new job, make a new friend, etc.

The only thing holding you back is you! Step out today #onpurpose #likeyoumeanit Try something new. Talk to someone new. Start small and build on tiny successes.

#onlyfailureisnottrying #tryagain #neversaynever #yesyoucan #whynot #goforit #bebrave #becourageous #believeinyourself

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