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Kacey’s inspiring presentations leave audiences hopeful, encouraged, and motivated in their own healing journeys, relationships and daily choices. Though the Columbine shooting placed Kacey under a spotlight she never sought, she gracefully and powerfully engages audiences of all kinds through her journey to find purpose in pain; ultimately choosing to thrive rather than simply survive. Kacey is relatable, finding humor in the most unlikely moments, and touching on the tender moments of life with raw honesty and vulnerability.

your circumstance does not have to become your identity

scars hold stories, and all of us have them

begin to be; focusing on outcomes rather than circumstances

living life like you mean it

finding beauty in life’s most damaging troubles

tissue recipient’s perspective on the life-changing gifts of donation

Kacey’s powerful story holds enough themes to fit into any group’s needs for their audiences. These themes can be chosen on their own, combined or customized to your needs. 


Kacey, you were the best part of a phenomenal symposium, The Domino Effect-How Donation (Organ, Tissue, & Bone) Falls Into Place. To get a standing ovation from a group of healthcare workers who have “seen and heard it all” is something of a landmark. Thank you for moving us to that point with your story. #bestofthebest



I heard Kacey speak at my church. Her story is so impactful, inspiring, and full of hope. I just bought her book and can’t put it down!!


Apex, N.C.

Her story and authenticity are powerful tools for healing and hope.


FB Review

Best chapel of the year.


Taylor University, 2022

Hearing you speak at chapel was so extremely powerful and I am very grateful you are willing to share your story with others.


Taylor University

Most powerful speaker we have had in years.


OneWoman Conference, 2022