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I got you

“I got you”

Suicide Prevention Month

We all fall sometimes. For many reasons, or sometimes for no understood reason at all. I lived a season like this. It snuck upon me suddenly when I lost two friends to suicide one month apart; my life was spiraling out of control. I had no clue what was happening, or what I was doing in the midst of it all. But, I was never alone. Loving people tirelessly worked to stay attentive and pull me out of that pit…even when it was really hard on them.

Be available. Be aware. Be engaged enough to know when someone is hurting. Be willing to listen without fixing. Be gentle. Be kind. Be understanding. Be longwithstanding. Just BE with those who need to not be, or feel, alone.

“I got you” is a phrase I have heard my daughter say. It can be about anything…not giving away our tiny secrets, not wanting to be embarrassed in a situation, having a rough mom day, helping with a chore…whatever. I know that when she says, “I got you” to me or a friend of hers…she is saying “I see you”, “I’m with you”, “I’m for you”, “I can help you”.

For anyone hurting right now…”I got you”. This season is not your forever.

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