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Kacey Johnson is an author, national speaker, teen mentor, blogger and survivor of the 1999 Columbine High School Shooting.

Refusing to let the horrific events of that day destroy her life, Kacey chose a path of hope and healing. Through triumphs and setbacks, Kacey remained determined not to let the evil that rearranged her body, broke her mind, and crushed her heart prevail and keep her captive to the chains of fear and doubt.

Kacey has become known as a powerfully inspirational speaker as she shares details of the tumultuous year before Columbine (during which she lost two friends to suicide and slid down a fast trail to self-destruction), the shooting, her physical and mental recoveries, and how she ultimately learned to find purpose in her pain…surviving to thrive, despite the odds.

When she is not traveling to share her story, Kacey spends time in her home state of North Carolina with her husband, Patrick, and their four children. She can usually be found somewhere on a highway, driving one of the four to swim, hockey, soccer, baseball or field hockey.

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I heard Kacey speak at my church. Her story is so impactful, inspiring, and full of hope. I just bought her book and can’t put it down!!

Katie P.

Apex, NC

Best chapel of the year.


Taylor University, 2022


Emily N.

Taylor University, 2022

FB Review

Chris Connell

Taylor University, 2022

OneWoman Conference, 2022


Taylor University, 2022

Taylor University


Taylor University, 2022